Brave New World Enterprises is proud to Join with Washington State’s Department of Commerce for the Black Eco Chamber

A New Business Incubator Dedicated to Black Professionals and Business People of Color

Brave New World Enterprises (BNWE) is excited to work with the State of Washington’s Department of Commerce in creating the Black Business Eco Chamber, a small business incubator designed to service black-owned businesses and entrepreneurs. 

As a Black-owned business BNWE is excited to provide this opportunity to businesses owned by historically disadvantaged communities, especially black business owners. As an organization that has been rooted in the arts and entertainment industry (with a record label, TV/Film divisions) and a long-term provider of services including media, marketing, branding, and events for businesses in King County, BNWE has created a unique and dynamic program in the Black Business Eco Chamber designed to elevate the profiles and function of other minority-owned businesses. 

Welcome to a Brave New World…

BRAVE NEW WORLD ENTERPRISES, (BNWE) is a boutique brand conglomerate that operates as a business and project management service provider. Uniquely known for creating exclusive consumer-first experiences with some of the world’s largest brands, the company has strategically positioned itself as a pivotal business, project, and content developer. Creative artist/entrepreneur, Shyan Selah , founded the company through its record label imprint and quickly began creating associate companies represented through film, fashion, publishing, production, and media. Since then Shyan has led the company and amassed a professional executive network with over 1,000 years of total collective experience at the highest levels of sports, entertainment, education, technology, politics, community organizing, and business. 

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