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Before we get started

Our technical assistance strategy is to not just provide the basics needed for businesses to survive, but to get deep into structures and tasks that will allow them to thrive. Our number one goal is Black Economic Empowerment and the building of Generational Wealth in communities that have traditionally been marginalized. Therefore all the below-mentioned individuals in our Advisory team are also all black or people of color. They will be key in assisting us in providing a well-rounded presentation of information a business owner needs to be successful. As such, this business owner will have the chance to communicate and consult with a network of people who understand said business owner’s culture and background. 

Portrait of cheerful african american businesswoman discussing and smiling at the meeting with colleagues

Our Advisory Panel for 2022-2023 Consists of the following individuals:

Larry Gilmore  ClearBlu Capital Group 

Kevin Baker Baker Consulting

Lori Milton Evergreen Capital

Dan Esparza TGE Construction

Isa Farrington Liberty Taxes

Darci Henderson Business Coach, Corporate, Trainer and Entrepreneur

Keelan Flowers Flowers Realty

Lawrence Garrett 828 LLC

Tristan Lockhart Chase Bank

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