Hats Off to a Successful Fall Mixer

Black Eco Chamber founder Shyan Selah gives his touching speech about what the Black Eco Chamber's goals and how it came to be.
Black Eco Chamber founder Shyan Selah gives his touching speech about what the Black Eco Chamber’s goals and how it came to be.

The Black Eco Chamber (BECO) held its annual Fall Mixer at The Columbia Tower on Saturday November 4th. The event, which featured an attendance that was predominantly made up of black professionals, small business owners, and entrepreneurs, was the first of its kind in the famed private club.  Empowering the black business community in the Pacific Northwest is the main objective of BECO, which launched last year hosting monthly workshops for small business owners. 

Brave New World Enterprises (BNWE) partnered with the State of Washington’s Department of Commerce in creating the Black Business Eco Chamber. BNWE has created a unique and dynamic program in the Black Business Eco Chamber designed to elevate the profiles and function of other minority-owned businesses. 

Creativity and innovation are two attributes that connect entrepreneurs, investors, and artists. Founder Shyan Selah, believes that intellectual property is a very important concept that applies to all industries and is one of the greatest indicators of successful business owners. “How do we change the condition of the culture,” Selah asked during the event – touching on the merits of creating services and products that have the greatest impact on people and communities.

Networking benefits everybody involved, and has always been a huge part in the workplace. Building relationships, learning real life experiences from others, and opening new doors to new opportunities is why BECO exists today. “We are here to give you value based on real experiences,” shared Selah.

The Fall Mixer allowed individuals to gain knowledge from others and exchange ideas amongst each other. The two by far most important networking skills to have when attending events like such, are to listen and ask questions. 

Executive Vice President of Brave New World and BECO Event Producer, Candice Richardson emphasized how important it was for BECO to host networking events that allow specifically small black owned business owners the opportunity to grow. 

“BECO is designed to raise the profile and elevate entrepreneurs and small black owned businesses,” shared Richardson. 

The concept of business only scratches the surface of the full meaning behind BECO. Building bonds as strong as family while elevating yourself and others in the industry, is what BECO is about. “Yes, the purpose of this Mixer is about business and entrepreneurs but it is also about fellowship and coming together,” said Richardson.

Why not you? The Black Business Eco Chamber Fall Mixer was designed and held with the purpose of advancing your career alongside other entrepreneurs. Make sure to join our newsletter to stay in the loop with future workshops and events!

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